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Our plugins help stores instantly create purpose-driven connections with their customers through personalised donations, and support organisations solving some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges across the globe.


Boost customer
personalised donation

Twio's intelligent donation plugins allow you to quickly add purpose to every purchase.

Twio enables any store to add an impactful donation experience personalised to each customer, without interfering with the checkout process

When your customers are able to support the causes they care most about with every purchase, they'll pick you over your competitors every time! Here's how it works...

1. Reward

Reward and incentivise your customers at checkout with donations (that don't interfere with the buying process).

2. Redeem

Your customers then redeem their donations with twio and find the perfect cause using our intelligent cause selector.

3. Rest easy

Rest easy knowing you are leveraging your store to help solve some of the most pressing global challenges.


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Check out this short video to see what twio might look like on your store. If you'd like to see some custom designs of exactly how this will look on your store, get in touch today!

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Donations don't just benefit society and the environment, they're great for business, too; retailers have decreased churn by up to 67%

There's a reason why Amazon, eBay and Paypal have all added donations to the customer experience...


Boost customer engagement and increase repeat custom

Customers love purpose and personalisation. Twio's solutions intelligently match nonprofits to each customer's unique profile, increasing sales by attaching personalised purpose to every purchase.

Understand your customers through their values

By analysing your customer's giving preferences, twio's analytics help drive your cause marketing efforts (because not everyone wants to plant trees!).


Help your customers support the best solutions to pressing challenges

All of the nonprofits in are portfolio go through a thorough vetting process. We pride ourselves on only working with nonprofits leading the way in tackling issues outlined in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Agenda.

Some of the organisations we support...

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Tsavo Trust
Borneo Nature Foundation
Excellent Development
Grevy's Zebra Trust

The nonprofits we support are handpicked for impact.

The twio team is motivated by its vision to build solutions that actually help to solve real problems, in line with the United Nation SDGs. We only support ambitious teams fighting pressing global challenges in innovative ways.

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Impactful nonprofits in
Countries, tackling...
Sustainable Development Goals

Some of our partners...

Ethical Bedding

The go-to place for 100% sustainable, 100% luxurious and 100% organic bedding. Shop today for a better night's sleep.

“We are already part of the 1% for the Planet scheme, but twio allows us to really engage our customers in the giving process and allow them to pick a cause that means the most to them”- James (Founder of Ethical Bedding)

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2 Hungry Bakers

2 Hungry Bakers is a London-based ceramic and woodwork design studio. The team wanted to better understand how twio impacted product sales; adding a £5 donation to one of the mugs in their collection saw an increase in product views of 40%.

“We partnered with twio because were really keen to make sure that our giving aligned with the values and motivations of each customer; rather than define the cause, we want to let each customer decide for themselves.” Adamina (Founder of Hungry Bakers)

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Mon Panier Latin

Mon Panier Latin is an online supermarket selling a wide range of French products in the UK, from food and drink to homeware and beauty products. If you're a lover of French cuisine, you'll be sure to find what you need!

“Our customers love engaging with twio, and we've seen some great redemption statistics (40+% CTOR). The twio team also offer fantastic customer support and are always available to chat”- Severine Itany (Founder, Mon Panier Latin)

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We are the only solution that...

Doesn't interfere with customer checkout flow

Our plugin is the only one to add purpose to the purchase, without the distractions.

Only supports organisations vetted for impact

We personally interview every organisation we support, a claim only twio can make!

Intelligently matches donors with organisations

Unlike other solutions, we’ve build a recommendation system backed by science.

Our Shopify plugin

Simple plugin that can be integrated in minutes

Twio does all the heavy lifting to ensure that our solutions can be integrated at the click of a few buttons. Our toolkits enable you to build in custom functionality and design to suit your shop's unique experience.


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