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Reward your customers with impact when they

Twio rewards your customers with personalised donation credits to social and environmental causes they care about. 

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After introducing a £5 Twio impact reward, one ecommerce brand increased session revenue by 89% and decreased chum by 24%

After introducing a £5 Twio impact reward, one ecommerce brand: Increased session revenue by 89% and ecreased chum by 24%

Your brand wants to make an impact. But that can be an overwhelming — and expensive — goal.

If you’re struggling to fit impact into your budget, you’re not alone.

Pure costs like donations and impact projects feel out of reach for many ecommerce brands, no matter how passionate they are about the cause.

Deciding who to support can be as challenging as finding the money

How do you find a cause that feels authentically aligned with your brand and your customers? Here’s a hint — don’t plant trees just because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Twio lets you put your values into action — without taking away from your bottom line.

Save sales for special occasions

Instead of yet another discount, incentivize customers with a different kind of value — real donations to causes they care about.

Show customers what you stand for

It’s the 21st century, and consumers want to support brands with values they can believe in. With Twio, customers can make impact part of their shopping journey — and they have control over what that means.

Our causes, handpicked for impact

We carefully vet every single cause and organization on our platform. We only support ambitious teams who are developing innovative, visionary solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Ditch the discounts, and save sales for special occasions. Instead, use impact rewards to:

Boost upsell

Increase AOV with donation rewards over order thresholds

Welcome first time customers

Reward customers with donations when they make their first purchase

Get more email and
SMS opt ins

Incentivise customers to opt in to marketing with donation rewards

Celebrate Black
Friday differently

Ditch the discount and use holiday sales to deliver impact

Get more reviews

Reward customers with donations when they leave a positive review

Get more referrals

Leverage your customers to spread the word with donations for referrals

Twio in action


Offer a personalised impact reward to incentivise various customer actions, like signing up for your newsletter.


Delivered directly to the customer via email, Twio’s impact rewards don’t interrupt the user experience.


Let customers choose from any of our carefully vetted causes, or select a few that resonate with your brand.

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Company X used twio to boost Y by Z.
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Company X used twio to boost Y by Z.
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Company X used twio to boost Y by Z.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twio and how does it work?


We're so glad you asked! Twio is a first of its kind platform that helps brands ditch discounts and reward their customers with donations to the causes they care about whenever they take actions like making a purchase, leaving a review or signing up for a newsletter.

Here's how it works:

1. Reward and incentivise your customers throughout the customer journey (completely distraction-free) with a free donation whenever they take actions (e.g. place an order, sign up for your newsletter, spend over a certain amount of money).

2. Once your customer completes the relevant action, we'll ping them a super short email containing your store's branding with instructions on how to redeem their donation.

3. Your users can then select a nonprofit to support using our intelligent cause selector (think Netflix's 'because you watched' but for nonprofits) on the twio platform, or choose to donate the voucher to one of your promoted causes.

Our goal is to create a global network of responsible stores and platforms that want to leverage their store and work alongside their customers to help tackle some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges we face (it also helps that donations are great for business, of course 😉 ).

How do I know that the money we are donating is having an impact?


This is the big one!

At twio, we pride ourselves on only supporting nonprofits that are leading the way in tackling problems in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With this in mind, we have designed a thorough vetting process that includes desk-based research, forms, due diligence and compliance. Every organisation that you see on the platform has been through this process and met our strict standards.

However, we do understand that these days, the value of the word 'impact' has been diluted and its difficult to separate the 'impact-washers' from those that are really doing good. Here's a few things to keep in mind...

1. We assess impact by looking at what an organisation has achieved with the resources it has to date. Whilst we also look ahead, the most effective organisations are achieving impact year on year, following a strict strategic plan with measurable and attainable goals. If an organisation cannot clearly display any achievements, they are not onboarded.
2. We also focus on scalability. Whilst the organisations we have on the platform come in all shapes and sizes, they are all conducting operations that are capable of scaling. We do not onboard nonprofits that have no intentions to expand (because otherwise, what's the point in helping them raise more money).
3. Every organisation on the platform is working on one or more problems outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals framework. this framework was drawn up by the United Nations and list the most important issues of our time.
4. The vast majority of the nonprofits we support come to us as direct or indirect referrals from leading vetting bodies that specialise in finding the best organisations within a specific sector.

All this being said, it is important to understand that impact means different things. Impact isn't, in most cases, trees planted or books purchased. In lots of cases, impact is less tangible; it's job security, system change, research and development and so on. Assessing impact is complicated and comparing impact across organisations is difficult. Twio will never be a brand that oversimplifies these things to make them digestible at the expense of sending money to where it's REALLY needed.

We spoke with an organisation once that said " We can easily get funding to support a project that straps a camera on the back of a turtle, but we find it impossible to get funding to purchase and protect key turtle nesting habitats." Twio is the funder that supports the latter 🐢

I already have a cause(s) in mind that I want to continue to donate to - how would this work with Twio?


It's great that you are already donating - congrats!

Twio focuses on customer choice. We believe it's common sense that customers will feel closer to a brand that supports a cause they care about. For example, if I don't care about planting trees, perhaps I won't be interested in supporting a brand that only plants trees.

However, we understand that there are also some brands that want to align their giving with their brand, as well as leadership teams that want to leverage their brands to support causes that they care about. If this is you, Twio is complimentary, not competing.

With twio, you can...

1. Allow your customers to redeem their donations with a cause (or causes) of your choice;
2. Allow your customers to redeem their donation with a cause of their own choice, selected from twio's database;
3. Given your customers a choice between option 1 and option 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

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