Two hungry bakers are two (very) talented makers

It doesn’t take a genius to work out how 2 Hungry Bakers got started. Whilst the brand started off by sharing recipes and their love of baking with others, they now spend most of their days creating timeless ceramic and wood pieces for the kitchen. Go check out their website!

The team do a great job of selling products online and at markets around London. If you love a London market, and have a keen eye for handmade kitchenware, you can find some information on which markets they’re at, and when, here.

Wanting to give back, but struggling to know how


The team at 2 Hungry Bakers were keen to give back and dedicate a portion of each sale to good causes. However, they found it difficult to find a solution that worked for both their online and market sales and wanted to maintain clear messaging and a consistent process regardless of the channel.

2 Hungry Bakers’ Adamina said:  

“We were really keen to make sure that our giving aligned with the values and motivations of each customer; rather than define the cause, we want to let each customer decide for themselves.”

Given that 80% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a competitor donates to a cause they care about, this felt quite important!

In comes twio…

Twio was the perfect partner for 2 Hungry Bakers because:

1. It allowed them to add donations to both their online and market sales using twio’s QR codes; and

2. It enabled them to allow each customer to decide where the money went!

The power of the QR code…

With twio, 2 Hungry Bakers were able to instantly generate QR codes each equivalent to a £5 donation, that they then added to their product packaging.

When receiving their order (either in the mail, or at a market), each customer would simply scan the QR code, before making their cause selection and redeeming the donation. Each QR code can only be used once, so they didn’t have to worry about it being shared far and wide (and them racking up a big donation bill!).

A £5 donation voucher added to a 2 Hungry Bakers order

A little experiment…


2 Hungry Bakers were keen to understand how donations might impact product sales, just like a discount code, or other perk. Whilst discounts are great, it’s never great to devalue your products and the benefit of donations is that you’re also doing good at the same time, and helping your customers to make a difference (two birds, one stone and all that!).

They decided to add a £5 donation perk to one of the mugs in their mug collection to see how donating to a cause of the customer's choice might impact orders of that specific item.

The line up: the mug collection in blue, pink and green

As a control, they promoted the mugs for a week before adding the donation perk. They were then able to compare orders of each mug before and after adding twio, to see if donation rewards really worked!


So, what were the results?

In lane 1, we have the green mug 🟢 …


In lane 2, we have the pink mug  🟣…


…and in lane 3, we have the blue mug 🔵!


After the trial run (pre-twio), the team recorded the following observations…


🟢 Green: 49% of mug views (WINNER: 🎉 )
🟣 Pink: 15% of mug views
🔵 Blue: 37% of mug views


The green mug was the winner, but not by much.


The team then added a £5 twio donation to the green mug, and left the pink and blue mugs out. After a couple of weeks, the results were in and it was time to see if the donation perk had worked. Here’s what they found…

🟢 Green (with £5 donation): 67% of mug views (WINNER: 🎉 )
🟣 Pink: 15% of mug views
🔵 Blue: 19% of mug views

Page views of each mug before and after adding a donation reward


With the twio donation, the green mug had increased page views just shy of 40%, stealing views from the 2nd place blue mug.

In addition, during the trial period, the only colour variant that was sold was the green version!

2 Hungry Bakers’ Adamina said:  

"Historically, the green and blue mugs have been the favourites and battled it out for the top spot; after adding the twio donation, there was one clear winner!"

So, what does this mean?

Imagine if this was a competitor


Whilst comparing performance across items in the same product line, it is more interesting to understand how this might help a brand like 2 Hungry Bakers capture market share.

Imagine, that by simply adding a donation perk, you could steal attention from your competitors and increase web traffic and page views by 40% (by decreasing theirs!). Imagine that you could also use donations to convince customers sat on the fence to spend money with you, as opposed to one of your competitors.

The added bonus, of course, is that by giving back, you also become good corporate citizens (whilst boosting your bottom line). What’s not to like?

With threats of a recession, and a global shift to selling online, eCommerce is becoming more competitive by the day. How are you going to stand out?