How to collect more SMS numbers with twio X Optimonk (on Shopify)

What is twio?

Ditch discounts, boost signups, and show customers what you stand for. Twio enhances discounts by rewarding your customers with donations to causes they care about when they opt in to receive email and SMS communications from your business.

Why use impact rewards over discount codes?

Many merchants suffer from discount fatigue - we often hear "how do I reward my customers without using ANOTHER discount?". The trouble with discounts is they:

  1. Eat into your margin;
  2. Devalue your brand;
  3. and condition your customers to wait for money off 👀

Luckily, we have a solution...

With twio, you can ditch excessive discounting and reward your customers with impact rewards that they can redeem with a cause of their choice on the twio platform. We support a wide range of organisations around the globe tackling some of the most pressing issues in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, from climate change to poverty, pollution, hunger, health and biodiversity loss (no, we are not another tree planting app).

Impact rewards are a great way of adding a fresh, novel, 'feel good' experience to the signup journey, and they're great for conversion (and the planet), too!

How to get twio rewards set up with your OptiMonk integration (on Shopify)

Step1: Set up the TrojanHorse signup popup on OptiMonk as normal. Checkout OptiMonk's bank of Trojan Horse templates or their explainer video to get started.

Step 2: Head over to Shopify and create the discount/promotional codes that you'll reward your customers with when they give you their email address and phone number. Include in the name some reference to the donation reward, for example GET10GIVE5. You can include donations to incentivise customers to give their email address, phone number, or both, as part of the TrojanHorse flow*.

An example donation reward offer to gather more mobile numbers via OptiMonk's Trojan Horse flow

Step 3: On your Shopify store page, head to Settings > Notifications > Webhooks and click 'Create Webhook'. In the event box hit 'order payment' and paste the following URL into the URL field: - this creates a link between your Shopify store and twio.

A correctly added Twio webhook

Step 4: Head on over to the 'donation codes' section on your twio dashboard - in the donation code box, enter the name of the code you applied in Shopify and then set the donation amount you would like to trigger e.g. £5. Hit 'Add code'.

How to add an example donation code, GET10GIVE5, on your twio dashboard

Step 5: On your twio dashboard, head to the 'Account' tab and scroll down to the 'Branded Login Page' section - add your logo and cover image, and change the background colour and welcome text to match your brand. Click 'Save Changes and Finish'. When your customers go to redeem their donations, this is the landing page they will see; once they sign up or login to twio, they will be able to select their cause and see all of their donations from your store saved in one place.

If you'd like to see what the customer journey will look like, checkout a short explainer video here.

That's it, you're all done - when a customer hands over their email or phone number, they'll receive a code to use at checkout to unlock their discount + donation. Once they checkout with that product, they'll receive a donation reward via email that can be redeemed on the twio platform with a cause of their choice 🎉

*Shopify doesn't allow codes to be applied to items worth £0 (for some reason!) - if you would like to ONLY offer donation rewards, you will need to apply a £/$0.01 discount in order for Shopify to apply the code at checkout.


We like to keep things simple - we charge a 0.75% fee on all orders processed through your checkout with a donation code attached; you will also pay for your donations on top of this.

Please note: you can expect around 10-30% of donations to be redeemed, so a £5 donation reward is likely to cost you between £0.50 (10%) and £1.50 (30%).

By way of comparison:

Cost of a £5 DISCOUNT = £5 👎
Cost of a £5 DONATION = £1.25-2.25 = 👍 (that's a whole lot of margin saved and a cheap way to boost your SMS list

Next steps?

Get in touch with twio today to get your account set up. You can book a call here, or drop us an email at

Got some questions? Head on over to our FAQs page.