For mission-driven ecommerce brands who want to boost sales and connect with customers by emphasizing their values, Twio provides impact rewards for actions like making a purchase or leaving a review that can be redeemed with a cause of the customers choice. 

Unlike other reward and loyalty programs that rely on discounting, Twio adds to the customer experience without devaluing your product - and the element of choice sets it apart from sustainability products that tend to focus on a single cause, like planting trees. 

You’re probably thinking just how great this sounds, so below we want to demonstrate 5 ways to use Twio in your ecommerce business.

  1. Boosting newsletter/SMS signups with donation rewards
  2. Adding impact to every order
  3. Ditching discount fatigue with donations
  4. Growing your reviews with donation rewards
  5. Increasing AOV with donation upsell perks

1. Need to incentivise customers to sign up? Use Twio as a newsletter/ SMS perk.


Incentivise your customers to opt in to marketing with donation rewards, whether that be newsletter signups or collecting contact numbers for SMS marketing. 

The goal for sign - up forms is to make them as enticing as possible - providing value up-front in exchange for customers' permission to market to them. 

Our client, Fetch Club did just this by combining Twio’s impact rewards with Optimonk's targeted messaging. They attached a donation reward + % discount onto their SMS opt - form to incentivise customers as well as adding value.

Here at twio we have partnered with Optimonk - allowing merchants to now include impact rewards as an incentive within your sign-up pop-up’s flow.  We go into more detail about this partnership in a separate blog post - click here to read more.

2. Looking to make a social and environmental impact as a business? Use Twio to donate a % of all orders.

Incentivise your customers to make a purchase by offering them a % of each order to be donated to a cause of their choice.

Displaying your impact reward incentive onsite is simple and doesn’t interfere with the customer journey. 

Here’s how Whitby Distillery displayed  their  donation reward to customers - a simple non-invasive box under ‘add to cart’

Let’s see what Whitby Distillery customers and Twio donors have to say ….

“This is a great idea. I am always really pleased to receive my donation reward from Whitby Gin when I make an online purchase. The redemption process is straightforward with a wide range of different charities and initiatives to support"

"It really surprised me when I got the email regarding a donation and it warmed my heart that this company did it. I think it is a great idea and lots of easy to choose options for where the donation is going"

3. Are your customers experiencing discount fatigue? Use Twio as a holiday / special event perk.

Ditch the discounts and use holiday sales such as ‘Black Friday’ or ‘New Year’ discounts to deliver impact by offering a donation to a cause of the customers choice when a purchase is made.

Our client Oliver + Co, sells premium, handcrafted accessories. 

For Black Friday this year, they demonstrated that offering a % discount plus a % donation is effective. 

More importantly, twio allows you too incentivise your customers with a different kind of value - real donations to causes they care about.

Some words from Oliver + Co founder; Matt Oliver on his experience with twio so far …

4. Do you want to boost your brand reviews? Use Twio as a review perk.

Reward your customers with a donation when they leave a positive review.

Growing your customer reviews is an integral part to your brand. They will help you increase sales and enhance your reputation.

We also believe that impact rewards are a great way of adding a fresh, novel, ‘feel good’ experience to the reviews journey. Great for conversions, generating reviews (and the planet too!) 

We recently announced in a blog article that we are lucky enough to now be partnered with (you can read the blog here) a great solution for ecommerce brands.

“I am always happy to leave reviews on products when I shop from small businesses and truly love the products. To receive a donation to a cause of my choice on top of this, is just fantastic. The redemption process was straightforward and made me feel content that I am doing good “

5. Are you struggling to increase your AOV? Use Twio as an upsell perk.

Increase your AOV (Average Order Value) by attaching a donation reward to a certain order threshold.

See how our client Rakha did just this …..

Rakha decided to reward customers with a £5 donation to a cause of their choice, if they hit the spend threshold of  £100 when shopping on the site.  

This is where you would most commonly see a % off incentive used.  

A common strategy that can be seen as devaluing towards your product and brand itself. Instead, impact rewards will help boost upsell and not eat into your margins.  

Your customers want to help make the world a better place, but often, they don’t know where to start. Impact rewards offer them a simple step towards creating a better future.